Sonic Magic Studios

Sonic Magic is the premiere boutique post production facility. Located in Culver City, CA, we specialize in delivering incredible soundtracks for your movie with unparalleled flexibility. Additionally we offer full Avid and FInal Cut picture editing suite rentals, with centralized Avid ISIS storage and complete support packages. We can handle your entire project from editing all the way to the end of the final sound mix all under one extremely comfortable roof.

At Sonic Magic, our creative teams are our most important assets. No matter how much technology can be put in place, it is all useless if the people using it lack the creative experience to truly enhance your project.

To this end we have a network of sound supervisors, editors and mixers whose expertise will deliver the magic you need. Every aspect of your project will be coordinated by a skilled and dedicated team of Sonic Magicians in the way that is best suited to you.

We are also proud that we maintain one of the most technologically advanced facilities of its kind. We were one of the pioneers of using fully centralized production networking in a small facility and this gives us many advantages in efficiency and flexibility which translate directly to a better result for your movie. In fact we maintain over 130 Terabytes of storage, all fully backed up and completely accessible from anywhere inside or outside the facility. (with great security, of course)

Our goal at Sonic Magic is to do whatever it takes to give you the ultimate post production sound experience. That’s what we do every day. And we love it. And we are proud of that.